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Summer and Fall Term Move-in

Residence Linens has made arrangements with its partnering schools to deliver directly to your school before your arrival.  The school will have your order delivered to your residence room or provide it when you pick up your room key.  Courier fee in effect for Summer Move-in.

If you do not see your school or residence listed, please contact us. We are happy to deliver to any school or home in Canada

2019 Fall Term move-in dates for Partner Schools:

Olds College
Nipissing University

Thompson Rivers


University of Calgary
University of Regina
University of Saskatchewan
University of Winnipeg

University of Windsor

Laurier, Brantford
Laurier, Waterloo Campus
University of Guelph
University of Waterloo

The MARQ, London
The MARQ, Waterloo
La MARQ 515, Montreal

U of T, Scarborough

U of T, St. George Campus

Carleton University

York University

After Move-in Day:

If you arrive at school and have not brought your linens with you, we are happy to fill your needs. Please order and we will make arrangements to deliver directly to your residence office, as soon as possible.
Delivery to Toronto area schools – Centennial, Ryerson, York University and the University of Toronto – within 24 hours if ordered by 9 am EST.
Delivery to all other Ontario and Quebec schools – within 48 hours if ordered by 9 am EST.
Delivery to Alberta and Saskatchewan – within 3 business days if ordered by 9 am EST.
Delivery to British Columbia – within 4 business days if ordered by 9 am EST.